Fantasia Herbal 50g Carton ( 10 Retail Units )

Product Description
Fantasia Herbal Shisha — Fantasia Alternative Products are also manufactured with only premium ingredients.  Herbal Shisha and Vapor Stones are used exactly like Hookah Tobacco, except that these products DO NOT contain and tobacco or nicotine.  Herbal Shisha is made with a sugar cane based molasses. The signature hookah flavor blends are strategically applied to the cane molasses to emulate the hookah experience. 

The majority of all countries have significantly less excise tax, VAT, and/or custom duty fees associated with herbal shish.  In addition, restrictions and regulations typically are much easier to import herbal shisha than tobacco.

*Tobacco Substitute
*No Nicotine
*No Tobacco
*No Excise Taxes
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