King Palm Flavor Tips - 2pk-50ct

Product Description

Sold by display 50ct

All-Natural Corn Husk Filter

Our premium filter tips are crafted from all-natural, organically grown corn husks. These filters are nothing like the skimpy paper filters of yesteryear. The corn husk filter tips provide the strength and stability to support large rolls. In addition, the extra-small holes in the filter create a smooth draw while preventing any loose material from making its way through. 

Flavors On-Demand

Although our filter tips are best paired with our revolutionary Cordia leaf cones, we understand that many smokers have their go-to brand of rolling papers. That’s why we decided to share the innovative flavoring system with all and provide our filter tips as a standalone product. The flavors don’t start until you choose. When you’re ready for a taste of creamy bananas alongside your herbs, give the filter a firm squeeze to release the terpene-infused flavors. 

A Step Up From Flavored Blunt Wraps

You’ll notice a stark difference when comparing our terpene-infused filter tips to flavored blunt wraps. The banana flavors work together with your smoking materials instead of being muddled in a haze of tobacco. -

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