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Skunk Doctor is a dual-purpose Body Spray and Room Freshener designed to eliminate those "Special" smoke odors. Rather than use pungent, overbearing scent oils to try to mask the odor, Skunk Doctor is scientifically formulated to prevent people from being able to smell it in the air or on clothes and hair. These signature scents are designed by Raymond Matts, who is renowned for such fragrance hits as Clinique Happy, Elizabeth Tylor "White Diamonds" and other major fragrances with millions of bottles sold globally.

Features & Details:



  • 5 Scents are included: Infra Red, After Green, Cool Summit, Saffron Rain, Wind Relief.
  • Body Spray and Room Freshener: Does not mask, but eliminates odor!
  • Fragrances that are not overbearing!
  • Works on fabrics, skin, hair, rooms, cars and outdoors.
  • No oily residues or stains: No harsh chemical odors.
  • Non-toxic: no benzene or carcinogens.
  • Safe around children and pets
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